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I left the last time with my wife Jan in bed with Lucas, who had been having sex, I knew then, after seeing it and see how much my wife enjoyed sex, I could never match the order luck is a much younger man, also very fit and in good condition over the years has been great to me, I would go to seed a bit, is the only thing I could never match very well by the time I thought it was huge, but in yazum retrospect, I'm now known, was slightly above average was only yazum because it was a very broad scope, that two years ago, while a bit naive about these things, and really just compare myself with him and I'm not a good way holy also not needed at this time a change of Jan, anything with us today and probably with us for the rest yazum of our lives, perhaps coming was not compatible , but it happened, now I wonder if he was of age, a hormonal thing or a revival of something that has always been there for her or me nevhe did so over the years, but it happened, who had started as a little fantasy of mine, and she had admitted it was, of course, the idea of ​​sleeping with another man, as it is to be well and that the two agree to try to shine occur in both heads, which must have thought he had a unique, how wrong you can be, I do not blame us also, encouraged me, I know, in many, and that they wanted try, Jan had with Lucas twice, once in his car and now in our bed, I had to look him in the fun as a missionary position, which lay before me greatly both still breathing very sweaty yazum and still laying back, Jan had breathed a hand on his forehead and said, damn, Lucas smiled and seemed pleased joke himself, jokingly screw balls and yazum emptied my wife when her husband had looked had found him, yazum put my dick now flat on her hips look very moist